The former beauty queen ‘Zoya Afroz’ who is all set to bring the late actress Parveen Babi alive on the big screen with ‘The Xpose’, has been training under the ‘Youngest Trained Stott Pilates Instructor’ in India ‘Namrata Purohit’. The trailer of the film has Zoya donning a bikini, looking her best and it was Namrata who helped her achieve it.

Talking about Zoya Afroz, Namarata Purohit says, “Zoya has been training with us since almost a year now. She started coming regularly right after her Miss India pageant. She was focused and even given her hectic schedule she always tried to squeeze in coming to the studio. Zoya knew what she had undertaken and was determined to reach her goal.

Right after her pageant Zoya did both altitude training and pilates thrice a week. We started seeing her body shape up in no time. Her muscles are more toned and strong. She is looking wonderful in the movie.”

Zoya Afroz who has been training under Namrata since she was part of the Miss India pageant, says, “I always hate the gym and I am glad I have come across Pilates – which is quite intense and at the same time fun workout! And when you have trainers like Namrata Purohit who works so sincerely for you, getting in good shape is not that difficult. Personally I am a big fan of Pilates and I enjoy working out with Namrata, otherwise I wouldn’t be travelling so far for it! Also I feel happy about the fact that at such a young age she is a trainer and well…quite a good one.

Pilates helped me prepare for my movie “The Xposé” which is releasing this 16th May. As my character which is based on the 60′s heroine, required me to wear a bikini and u had to have a decent body for sporting that bikini.

I am happy that I have found a workout regime which is interesting and fun.”

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