[Tushar Unadkat] Colours of INDIA Shows – Mississauga Convention Centre

Nouveau iDEA (New International Dimension in Entertainment & Arts) is a not-for-profit was found on December 31, 2002 with a vision to begin a new year contributing artistically to the community that has always provided useful and inspiring signs in my journey as an independent artist.

Tushar Unadkat Founder, Executive Director



Nouveau iDEA exists to promote artists of various cultures and to bring the arts and entertainment community together under a multicultural umbrella that celebrates our differences, encourages communication and continues to allow a diverse cross section of artists to flourish. As a result communities can integrate, appreciate and be inspired by artistic expression from around the world.

Our Guiding Principles:

– We recognize that it is only through inclusion that the arts and entertainment sector will continue to flourish.

– We respect the diversity of artistic expression.

– We encourage communication as it is the foundation to being understood and to understanding others.

– We believe in the transformational power of creative expression.

Please join this eGroup of 8,500+ members and 85,000+ online readers from the art & entertainment industry around the world.

PN: This group is RATED: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested). Some material may not be suitable for children.TUSHAR  UNADKAT | Recipient of Trailblazer Award, 2012  | www.tusharunadkat.comMUKTA Advertising | CEO, Creative Director | www.m-a.ca | +1.416.71.MUKTA (68582)Nouveau iDEA | Founder, Executive Director | www.nouveauidea.orgtwitter.com/tusharunadkat | facebook.com/tusharunadkat | linkedin.com/in/tusharunadkat

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