Stefano Ricci Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017!

Stefano Ricci unveils its Fall/Winter2016-17 collection with yet another uber luxury range of menswear for the flawless Man of honour.

Inspired from the fourteenth century Antico Sentificio Florentino silk mill artisans, the new fall collection commands prestige,heritage and authenticity with style that breaks every mens wear cliché. In the Fall/Winter Collection for 2016-17, the Florentine Maison’s key values germinate in Stefano Ricci’s vision: fabrics, finishes, colours and a conception of tradition which turn to perfect proportions, flawless cuts and contemporary desires for inspiration.

The new collection stands as a true pioneer of good taste highlighting the essential combination of elegance and function, leisure and impeccable professional look possessing a sense of beautiful versatility.

The new range of cufflinks,suits,blazers,turtlenecks and trousers feature an unpredictable colour combination of the coming age with hues and shades of Blueberry and Brandy, as well as shades of burnt hues and greys, along with a dash of mauve and blue graphically designed with the Stefano Ricci’s secret detailings. The collection also inspires its print details by crisp and geometric patterns cut through the materials in order to accentuate clear graphical strength.

Fall being the season of celebration, Stefano Ricci also introduces a range of evening suits and tuxedos refined with elegance and panache in the purest of materials spelling out class at every inch.

Carved in the ancient traditional technique, the men’s wear epitomizes authenticity in the purest forms of crocodile skin, silk, cashmere and leather giving a makeover that stands out. Style up this Winter in an uber luxurious way with Stefano Ricci’s new collection.

The Stefano Ricci 2016-17 fall/winter collection also holds a Junior collection drawing inspirations from Florentine supreme handicraft for the man of tomorrow.

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