Soothe your lips, hands and feet this winters with Iraya

Say goodbye to cold-weather ravaged lips, hands and feet this season with Iraya’s specialised range of natural products for winter skincare. Dropping temperatures and dry indoor heat wreak havoc on the delicate skin of our lips and hands, stripping them of moisture. Our feet deserve the best care as they turn rough, dry, and calloused. Not only do chapped and cracked lips, hands, and heels look unsightly, but providing them hydration and nourishment is just as important as the rest of the body.

This winters, Iraya changes everything. Let your lips breathe with Iraya’s select natural lip balms with specialized moisturising agents to keep your lips lubricated, soft, supple and full. Even kids get to delight their dry lips with the delicious, flavoured varieties of the lip balm. Give your delicate hands the feel of super-smooth and luxurious hand cream from Iraya, that nourish and protect them from harsh weather conditions. Treat your feet fairly with Iraya’s rich foot cream, slathering them generously to seal in moisture, and to prevent and repair cracks.

Come soothe your lips, hands, and feet in this winter chill with Iraya’s fabulous range of natural products, that keep them as beautiful as ever!

Green Apple Lip Balm 20 gm Rs.245

Protects lips from dryness & getting chapped.

For chapped lips • green apple, oils of jojoba, castor, wheat germ

Vanilla & Whole Milk Lip Balm 20 gm Rs.245

Provides moisture & nourishment to lips

For chapped lips • oils of jojoba, castor, wheat germ, hazelnut & vanilla

Orange & Citrus Lip Balm 20 gm Rs.245

Moisturizes and prevents chapping

For chapped lips • orange, oils of jojoba, castor, wheat germ & beeswax

Kokum Butter Hand Cream 50 gm Rs.395

Intensely moisturises,heals cracks ,softens skin to prevent skin peeling.

For dry chapped hands:kokum butter, sesame oil, almond

Kokum Foot Softening Butter 200 gm Rs.795

Nourishes and smoothens. Softens and gives nourishment to skin

kokum butter, olive oil, shorea robusta

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About Iraya

The Iraya brand of beauty and wellness products was launched in 2006 by Sadatan Pure Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. Sadatan has been manufacturing and exporting beauty and wellness products for over 20 years in highly evolved beauty markets like France, Italy, Russia and the US. Founded by Rahul Kale, Iraya is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise- perfect synergies for the modern day consumer. At present, IRAYA has become the favorite beauty and wellness brand for leading Hotel and Spas groups in India and international markets. IRAYA Spa products are popular for administering therapies in the Spa and also for retail through exclusive and well-known Spas across the world.

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