Shah Rukh Khan and KidZania Mumbai celebrate Children’s Month

At KidZania every day is Children’s Day. Fueled by a child’s natural desire to create, explore and collaborate, KidZania believes that kids are the agents of change that can truly make a difference. The KidZania philosophy “Get Ready for a Better World” captures the commitment to providing a fun and learning experience which prepares children to make a positive impact on society. KidZania, through social awareness, CSR activities and variable programming initiatives like the KidZania Singing Star, KidZania Santa, Kids for a Greener World, Let’s Build J&K and now Swachh KidZania, is instilling a sense of responsibility, and an attitude to share, care, to know and to play amongst the kids.

To talk about this core philosophy, Shah Rukh Khan, a huge advocate of empowering children, celebrated the Children’s Month at KidZania along with the children of Angel Xpress Foundation and Access Life. The activities began with a tête-á-tête session with Mr. Khan and Principals of reputed schools exchanging ideas on experiential education. This was followed by Mr. Khan congratulating the KidZania CounZil, a national legislative body of the KidZania Government formed of young kids and leaders empowered to help govern the city. The event culminated with the quintessential Mr. Khan dancing with both parents and kids on stage bringing smiles and creating memories for many.

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