Rajpal Yadav & Punjabi Singer Dilbagh Singh are shooting together in upcoming film “Shadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band

The first day is always an exciting day of shooting. Here we talk about the first day of shooting the film are “wedding band you Bajyenge Hum” directed by Gurmeet Singh and Rohit Kumar produced.

Camera roll, film your wedding Bjayenge we started the opening ceremony in New Delhi on Phlekis panning start to say we are well known in the film lead role of a Punjabi singer Dilbag Singh and Rajpal Yadav, Rahul as Bagga see.

The first scene filmed sequence where the bank robbery, Rajpal Yadav as selfies Don, who is very fond of taking selfie was known. He sends a don any crime before the police is Selfi. Today she is here to rob the bank with all the hooligans, but no actual bank robbery sequence is a hilarious again.The robbed.

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