“My Beautiful Embroideries” By Perveez Aggarwal

Five years in a row with her “Gara Work Showcase” and many more decades of passion and cultural heritage, Perveez Aggarwal has been carrying the rich legacy of the Famous Parsi “Gara Work” forward.The “Gara” is a status symbol with many and beautiful Sarees, Kurtis, Shawls have been skillfully covered by the embroidery by numerous artisans which have found place in the Showcase to be held in Mumbai in October.

The “Gara Embroidery” is an Ancient Art of our Artisans and the team at “My Beautiful Embroideries” has been working towards keeping this centuries old art alive and the highlight of Perveez Aggarwal – a passionate “Gara” enthusiast, lies in creating works which are a fusion of Persian, Indian and Chinese motifs.

The traditional embroidery has been given a contemporary and modern twist and this year’s showcase will see use of “Gara” in Jackets & Skirts, thus, making it ideal for today’s corporate women to proudly flash their “Gara” to the world.

“Gara” has become a centuries old tradition, mainly because the Sarees have been lovingly passed on from one generation to the other and has become a class of vintage. Legend has it that Parsis flew from Persia and settled in India, Gujarat borders somewhere around the 8 th Century.

Being at shore areas, many Parsis ventured into sea trade with the Chinese and used to travel to China gradually and while coming back to India, got their wives, beautiful embroidered six yard fabrics but as many think, the “Gara” does not belong to China, though the Silk usage and the embroidery come from China, several motifs used draw inspiration from Iran’s Zorastrian and India’s Hindu cultures.

And thus, the collection that Perveez Aggarwal has created is a perfect amalgamation of all these three cultures and act as perfect tribute to the centuries old art form.

Perveez and her team has been taking the initiative on an annual basis and creating a beautiful collection comprising of several garments. This year too, the city of Mumbai will witness a dash of “Gara” in the first week of October.

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