Interview with Olivier Lafont

French celebrity Olivier Lafont, known for his memorable role as Kareena Kapoor’s fiancé in 3 Idiots, or Father Samuel in Guzaarish, is a familiar face due to all the advertisements that he does on television. Very little has been known about him until now. He has stayed out of the limelight although he has done a lot to be proud of. Lafont who is actually French, taught himself to read and write Hindi. He also speaks fluent French, English and Spanish and has a BA in acting and writing from Colgate University in the USA. He has impressed audiences with his acting talent and is now ready to wow readers with his writing skills as he has just launched a powerful new novel called ‘Warrior’ that has been published by Penguin.

Warrior is a fast paced epic adventure story set in modern India with mythological elements. The book was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize award. He has written several feature film screenplays before. The first film he wrote opened at the Toronto Film Festival and won awards at several film festivals worldwide.

Whether it’s acting, writing, screenplay writing, voice overs or modelling, Olivier Lafont has done it all. We hope to see more of the hunky 6 footer playing lead roles in films and entertaining audiences – especially since Lafont has just now written a comedy film script with himself as the main character, for which he is looking for a producer.

Olivier and Warrior

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