Hansal Mehta’s son Jai Mehta’s debut short film, Paanipath on water crisis premieres on Hotstar as a part of National Geographic Mission Blue Stories

Acclaimed filmmaker, Hansal Mehta’s Son Jai Mehta makes his directorial debut with a short fiction film, Paanipath, which is released yesterday evening as a part of National Geographic Mission Blue Stories. The short is presented by Hansal Mehta.

Inspired by true events, Paanipath confronts the disturbing reality of water crisis through the victims of a flawed and politicized water management system.

The 18 minutes- short film starring Tejaswini Kohlapure and Nagesh Bhonsle is available for veiwing on www.missionblue.in and Hotstar.

The National Geographic Mission Blue initiative that aims to spread awareness and inspire change for the cause of water conservation, with the specially created content by Indian film-makers such as Hansal Mehta, Imtiaz Ali, Madhur Bhandarkar and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and Madhur Bhandarkar who have joined hands with National Geographic to spread this important message through short films.

Talking about the inspiration for the storyline, Jai Mehta says, “Last year, the worst drought hit many parts of our nation. What I observed was how unaffected certain privileged parts of our society remained while people scrambled for days without water. Some protested for weeks, some walked and waited for hours in the scorching heat while some even gave up their lives.

class divide and the stark disparity in the availability of a fundamental resource disturbed me and I felt the need to give a voice to those that aren’t represented, through my film. I feel the politicization of water and the unfair distribution is a giving way to a dangerous way of living that is slowly spiraling out of control. The sooner we realize that water cannot be treated as a luxury but a basic fundamental right, the better we can prepare for future generations.”

Thrilled about his son Jai’s directorial debut, Hansal Mehta who has presented the film says, “The Human race has irresponsibly, over decades destroyed and misused resources. We are in the midst of crisis and water is at the heart of this. I’m proud to present this important film that brings fourth the urgency and potential tragedy that our continued misuse and neglect of water resource can have on us.

I’m glad that this important message has been conveyed effectively and engagingly in my son Jai’s directorial debut. As filmmakers we can do out bit by engaging with audiences on issue that have such huge impact on our and future generations.”

Please see the complete film here : http://www.hotstar.com/movies/paanipath/1000173758/watch

We request you to review the film. The debutant director Jai Mehta or the presenter Hansal Mehta are available for interaction.

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