Don’t let Holi Hangover dampen your spirits – Keep your hair pampered throughout

An amalgamation of white attire, water guns and balloons, playful colors, friends & family, food, etc., Holi is considered as the most vibrant festival in India. While, you enjoy the fair and the feast, your hair is left with no option but to surrender to the colossal damage the colors and chemicals cause. Treating damaged hair post Holi can be a callous task, especially when you have to get your mane or scalp rid of the cocktail of hazardous colors. This Holi, Senior Stylist Mr. Najeeb Ur Rehman, Head Professional Partnership Services, Schwarzkopf Professional, Henkel Beauty Care, India gives the best hair treatment recommendations to prepare your hair for Holi and refresh your hair post playing with colors!


Oil Indulgence – Apply generous amount of oil on your hair, especially if you have chemically-treated hair. Whilst forming a shield around the head of hair, indulging in oil will not only prevent color to pass through the exposed tresses but also provide your hair with the nourishment it necessitates, throughout.

· Any additional tip – Do good conditioning of your tresses as this will create a protection layer on your hair


Avoid toxic colors – Once you are in the Holi battlefield there is not much that you can do to guard your lovely locks. However, what you can do is, go for organic colors and avoid playing with chemical dyes or metallic colors. They can be toxic for your hair.

· Any additional tip – Covering your hair with a scarf or bandana will not just secure your hair with direct doses of colors but also add to your Holi style-statement!

· Hairstyle Tip – Avoid loose hair. Try a French Braid or a tight bun!


Rinse comes first – Once you are back from your Holi extravaganza, do not reach out for your bottle of shampoo, immediately. First rinse your hair with plain water, profusely. This will wash away the visible dry colors. Follow through a mild shampoo and a subsequent Treatment. It is advisable to complete the process with a conditioner. In case of any colour residue, do not wash it again on the same day as it may make your tresses dry.

· Any additional tip – Repeat oil – BC Oil Miracle, indulgence again. It will restore all the essential oils and moisture that chemical colors would have ripped away from your tresses.

So this season, enjoy a guilt-free Holi with Schwarzkopf Professional.

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