Can Kate Beckinsale beat Sharon Stone’s performance?

Well, exactly the same question has been going on in every mind waiting for the release of Sony Pictures’ reboot film Total Recall.
The film starring Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrell, and Jessica Biel is a remake of Total Recall released in 1990. Though both the films are based on the same short story of Philip K Dick yet the new version is said to be totally different. How different it will be from the previous one is a question which will be answered only on the release of the film.
But there is a buzz about the characters of the film through the characters that have not been changed much. The character made famous by Sharon Stone of that of Lori will now be played by Kate Beckinsale. The character is an important one but was hard of 45 minutes in the old version of the reboot.
Considering that Len Wiseman has directed the film, who also happens to be Kate’s husband, the part of Lori might be a little longer than the previous one. Who knows, probably in this version, Lori survives till the end of the movie!
If that happens to be the situation then Kate will surely succeed in beating Sharon Stone’s performance. However, it is yet unofficial how big will be Lori’s part be which leaves us in the wait for the dawn of 3rd August when the movie will release.

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