Apeejay Oxford Bookstore announced India’s biggest book deal for 12 crores between “Karma Kurry – The Hero in Me” book series & Jaico Publishing Co.

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India’s first and biggest book deal between the author Almeida for his Karma Kurry- The Hero in Me book series and Jaico Publishing House was announced today at Oxford Bookstore. Karma Kurry published in 2013 is the # 1 Non-Fiction bestseller in various lists. The unique book deal for an amount of Rs 12 crore for 10 more books to be published by 2020 is unique and iconic in the publishing industry. All proceeds, royalties and fees will be donated to the national character building movement, Apeejay Karmayuga and other citizen action & social justice causes espoused by him, announced the author Jerry  Almeida today. Currently Jerry has also been raising fund through the book for rehabilitation for the people affected by the Kashmir Floods. This is being done through an initiative called IBTEDA- The beginning, which is led not by NGOS but by conscientious people and citizens of Kashmir who are living across India and overseas.

Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida, the author said, “Karma Kurry is just not a book series for me but a passion, a journey of many, many years and a vision with a compelling mission to help bring about a change in our world by telling inspiring stories of real life heroes to people at large in schools, colleges, B-schools and organizations from all sectors. I am grateful to Jaico and Apeejay Oxford Bookstore for having supported me with all the innovations that we have jointly created, and will be creating in future. We have received over INR 1.5 crores already, from the special edition hard cover book sales and this does not include other royalties from paperback, eBook, audio book sales. We have hundreds of stories of real heroes from across the world that will inspire people and the idea is to churn out very inspiring and compelling stories in the Karma Kurry series over the next five years and more. These stories of everyday real heroes accompanied by inspirational quotes and self help thought-triggers which would help readers to discover and unleash their huge potential and awaken the hero within them. I sincerely believe we all have a hero within us and if each of us does small acts with compassion and courage of conviction, then a better, humane, responsible society shall surely become a reality”” 
Announcing the deal, Akash Shah of Jaico Publishing House said, “As far as my knowledge goes, this is a one-of-its-kind publishing deal. We at Jaico purely pledge to help raise the funds through several avenues for the Karma Kurry series since this not just about books but the compelling mission led by Jerry, to discover real heroes and tell their stories with a vision of inspiring children and the youth to live the human values and do something to make a difference in our world. Jerry has gone beyond and is leaving no stone unturned to help people discover the hero within themselves by reading stories of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary achievement and making a difference in our world every day. Jerry is an author who is working closely with us and has gone beyond conventional book marketing & sales. He has given us ideas to create a whole new ecosystem for non- fiction book sales and has built strategic alliances with chains of bakeries, restaurants, garment brands and other consumer items to help sell the Karma Kurry books. We have backed this up by creating an effective distribution system to cater to these alternative outlets. This is a FIRST in book selling in India.”
Oxford Bookstore announced that it will donate to half of its retail margins from the Karma Kurry sales in order to create a favourable eco system for inspirational non fiction books in India. Making the announcement, Ms. Priti PaulDirector, Apeejay Surrendra Group said, “ The book Karma Kurry, brings to life true stories of Real Heroes. These are people who have lived their lives putting their Karma front and forward as our oldest religious scriptures ask us to; these are people who have, despite odds,  done what the Constitution of India urges us ALL to do and that is –  perform our Fundamental Duties ;  these are Global Citizens and Indians whose deeds and acts of Individual Social Responsibility inspires others to do so . Our society needs these heroes and many more . We as Indians must focus on our Individual Social Responsibility towards state and society and recognize that in doing so we can find the hero is us too. Oxford Bookstore wishes Karma Kurry huge success and supports Jaico and the  author Jerry Almeida in their unique venture. I am sure readers around the world will be moved and inspired by the prose.  I am pleased to announce that Oxford Bookstore will donate majority of its retailer margins from sales of Karma Kurry towards Apeejay Karmayuga outreach led by the author Jerry and his organization iCongo. “
Geeta and Rajiv Chandran, Dr. David Dror and Mr. Oswald Pereira whose life stories of grit and courage are in the firstpublished and secondupcoming book joined the author in a panel discussion on ‘Karma and the need for Real Heroes in our world.’
The first Karma Kurry book had a preface from the author’s role model and global icon Mr. Nelson “Madiba” Mandela. The first book which sold purely through word of mouth publicity has received an overwhelming response all over India so far, and is one of the bestsellers today. 
The second Karma Kurry for the mind, body, heart and soul is also ready and co-authored by Jeroninio Almeida with iCONGO co-founder and Apeejay Karmayuga Mission Director, Ms. Meenu Chopra. Book 2 shall have stories of more real heroes from across the world like Ms. Shubha Ranjan, Ms. Tulasi Munda, Dr. David Dror, Dr. Villoo Patell, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, Mr. Javed Ahmed Tak, Ms. Manju Latha Kalanidhi, Mr. Karan Paul and several others.
Jaico Publishing House will help support the author to raise Rs 12 crore by 2020 through a mix of upfront fees, paperback royalties, international book sales, audio books, eBooks, TV and Play rights, author endorsements and several other bonuses from other avenues.As a part of the book deal Jaico has already published a special first edition autographed books. These books are collector’s series and Jaico shall be giving majority of all sales proceeds from this book to Jerry to accomplish his mission. These books will only be sold through crowd sourcing websites internationally and directly by the author in international forums where he delivers inspirational speeches and in special book launches, to people and supporters who make a minimum contribution of Rs. 7,500. 
The author has got contributions for over 500 books each, of the first 2 books from Karma Kurry supporters which shall be utilised for nation building initiatives and for social causes he espouses.  Jerry commented on this saying, “This is the first time a publisher in India is going beyond conventional book marketing and is open to exploring new ideas. Jaico has created a first edition special autographed collector’s item book. Some of the new sales avenues and ideas created in partnership with Jaico are great steps in the right direction to support non-fiction book authors raise much needed funds for promoting meaningful literature.  These ideas can now also be emulated by other authors in India.”Notes to Editors
Global Acclaim for the book 1. These heroic stories must be read by all children and youth in schools, colleges and Universities. The Karmaveer stories I heard from Jeroninio when he spoke at a conference in Croatia, inspired me to begin the Heroic Imagination Project despite our not having financial resources. I was inspired to begin our project when Jerry told me, how the right every wrong mission, also began the discovery of heroes without funding and how they have sustained it purely on determination and resourcefulness. – Dr. (Prof.) Philip Zimbardo – Founder of the Heroic Imagination Project and Living Legend know for his Stanford Prison Experiment, Lucifer Effect 
2. When Jeroninio presents his stories and thoughts, one gets insights from thousands of books, places, people and villages.  – Dr. Amartya Sen – Nobel Laureate, Economist and Author.3. I like the Karma and Right every Wrong mission that balances ethical whistle blowing with telling stories of real heroes to inspire morechange champions and voices of dissent to challenge status quo. – Prof.  Noam Chomsky- the world’s leading voice of dissent, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political commentator, linguist and author. 
4. Karma Kurry is a great read for children as their thinking can be moulded by the inspiring stories of so many different people who made anordinary journey in life become extraordinary for not just themselves but so many others along the way.-Ms. Pooja Kapur – Author, Actionist Resource Person for social causes and Parenting Expert.
5. Karma Kurry is an enjoyable read that makes you smile. It’s a balm to the senses, an inspiration and a great reminder of the goodness and greatness we are all surrounded by! – Ms. Mini Menon –  Author – ‘Riding the Wave’, Journalist and TV News Personality6. Karma Kurry touches the very core of Individual Social Responsibility’ with its Inspiring mix of stories about unheard and untold about Real Life Heroes, who have dared to ‘Make a Difference’ rather than stay ‘Indifferent’- Ms. Payal Sharma – Co- Founder TASC , passionate about social causes.
7. ‘There’s history in all people’s lives. If well narrated it has the power to inspire and uplift millions. Karma Kurry is an inspiration for India’s children and youth’ – Mr. Dilip Thakore, Editor EducationWorld and President Children First Party of India.8. Dear Jeroninio, thank you so much for the Karmaveer awards nomination and for sharing the Karma Kurry eBook. I had said in one of my books that “I think a hero is any person really intent on making the world a better place for all people”. Karma Kurry heroes epitomize the spirit of my thought and makes heroism appear like an easy, everyday thing. I was inspired by all the powerful stories of heroes. The book is in a class of its own and as they say in the literary world “unputdownable”. I was also enthused by all your straightforward but potent mind-changing quotations at the end of each story. Keep up the good work and keep writing more stories of heroes to inspire heroic intent in our world – Maya Angelou – celebrated poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist.
9. Goodreads.com | It was my first experience of reading self-help book and one of the best. Jerry has a 
way with words which is really impressive. Each story is different from that of the others and teaches you something and also calms you from inside. Jaico is one of those few publication houses which publishes the so called – HATKE! Books and I actually enjoyed reading it. Book is a collection of short stories and is forwarded by the legend Nelson Mandela. When you feel read the book you will feel connected. Quotes in the books are beautiful and there are paragraphs which clears your inner dilemmas about life. I don’t say something like this often but this book changed my life. 
About the Book | Karma Kurry
Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul is the bestselling book series. The first Karma Kurry book was published in 2013 and has received an overwhelming response purely through word of mouth publicity. Karma Kurry books are a compilation of heart-warming and soul-stirring tales celebrating the triumph of the human spirit. These narratives will showcase the power of the individual to right every wrong, no matter what obstacles may block the path. Karma Kurry will specifically celebrate the Indian ethos and the common thread that runs through all religions, which is to do good for society and humanity through noble and selfless deeds. Karma Kurry is inspired by the many tales of Karmaveer award recipients who are from across India and around the globe. 
Karma Kurry will now be a series of books published by JAICO the biggest non-fiction publishing house in India. Each Karma Kurry book shall have 27 stories. The 27 stories shall comprise mostly of true tales of Karmaveer Noble Laureates, Karmaveer Citizen Heroes & Champions of Change. These are brave hearts that have gone beyond their personal life and profession to leave indelible legacies of creating a better world for the generations to come. Karma Kurry unlike other books in its genre shall only narrate true stories of real heroes and not just fables or inspiring fiction. Each story will be no more than 3000 words celebrating the journey and triumph of the individual. 
About the author | Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida
Jerry is an iconic motivational / inspirational orator, master storyteller, intrepid missionary entrepreneur, firebrand social crusader, teacher, UN advisor, internationally certified leadership subject matter expert, trainer & coach and the worlds’ most innovative fundraiser and social entrepreneur. In the past few years through his chosen vocation as a leadership trainer, executive coach, entrepreneurship mentor and management consultant, Jerry has been helping people to achieve their optimum potential and joyful creative excitement at work and all dimensions of life. Jerry chose the vocation of teaching to make people aware about human values, social issuesand the need for each citizen to fulfil their fundamental duties.  Jerry is also the founder of the International Confederation of NGOs (www.icongo.in  ). In partnership with the UN and other global partners, Jerry also created & pioneered cutting edge citizen movements like the JOY OF GIVING, RIGHT EVERY WRONG, KARMAVEER awards, REX- NOT JUST TALKS; Ideas for Action, Restaurants against Hunger , Apeejay Karmayuga with the sole intent of creating attitudinal, behavioural and mindset change in people by encouraging citizen action & social justice. Jeroninio has created and led several initiatives to create social, political, cultural and economic reformation programs in India.Jerry also sowed the seeds for electoral reforms and the fight against corruption in India with the UN and was the architect of the “reclaim people power” and “no criminals” campaigns during the past 2 national and state elections in India. Jerry also pioneered the concept of cause cinema in Bollywood to produce socially relevant mainstream movies and has been pioneering several other alternative ideas to make a difference in society. Recently, Jerry who has been inspiring students to clean the streets of India through his ethical leadership programs in colleges. B-schools also inspired and instigated the government to kick-start the Swachh Bharat Mission and Challenges. This was inspired through the Keeda Hai Kya to clean India? Challenge along with Mr. Karan Paul of the Apeejay Surrendra Group.  
With the Karma Kurry- the Hero in Me book series Jerry has plunged into writing thought provoking inspirational stories to awaken the hero and leader within people across the globe. Jerry is also working on a trilogy of inspirational self help books named “Karishma – the miracle”, “Karma – the joy of giving” and “Kranti-  revolutionary thought leadership” and other leadership books titled“The Hero in Me”, “Leading a Mission with a dead mouse” and “Once there was me”. More details about Jeroninio are on www.jerrylearns2learn.com  
Jaico Publishing House is the publisher of world class transformational, inspirational, non-fiction and meaningful fiction books written by world class authors from around the world.
About | Oxford BookstoreOxford Bookstore Connaught Place offers a carefully curated list of titles for booklovers to browse through and buy and perhaps the world’s largest assortment of teas in the hip Cha Bar, to create a holistic experience for book lovers. The entrance leading to the bookstore houses a big Neon Wall, a cloud of words in English-Hindi-Latin that envelopes book lovers in a universe of emotions linked to reading. Inside, in the tranquil space, hands-on staff, knowledgeable and highly trained book specialists, offer suggestions of handpicked titles from major, independent and indie publishers: a great selection of books, some exclusive to Oxford Bookstore. The selection features both emerging and established authors from India and the world. Shelves stocked with the best in Indian Writing, International Fiction and Translations take one into a spacious, elongated Reading Room which opens onto a dedicated Events Space. Well-researched sections on Languages and New Age books address issues of addiction, relationships, unexplained phenomena, and showcase the best of thinkers and Indian gurus. A wide range of titles in Travel Writing, books that showcase the very essence of New Delhi and a specially curated section of books on tea are other highlights. Children have an exclusive space for browsing, activities and reading and parents can look forward to the Top 10 Gift Books in each age group for a quick and easy pick. Amongst the best in books for different age groups are ones that help the young ones deal with experiences relevant to their age.

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